Troubleshooting Agent Verification Emails in Self-hosted Chatwoot

TLDR lauuu is having issues with not receiving verification emails when adding agents to her Chatwoot server. sojan_official suggested checking worker logs or the sidekiq dashboard for possible configuration errors.

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Mon, 06 Jun 2022 18:20:13 UTC

hi team, I'm Laura. I'm working on having a self-hosted chatwoot server working. The installation went pretty smoothly and I'm the admin of the server, but when I try to add agents the verification emails are not sent. This is what I'm seeing in the logs: Jun 06 18:06:07 crchatwoot chatwoot-web.1[164888]: I, [2022-06-06T18:06:07.811994 #164888] INFO -- : [37ec6d64-e3cb-45ed-9aa6-75d658d67759] Parameters: {"name"=>"Emanuel Badilla", "email"=>"[email protected]", "role"=>"agent", "account_id"=>"1", "agent"=>{"name"=>"Emanuel Badilla", "email"=>"[email protected]", "role"=>"agent"}} Jun 06 18:06:07 crchatwoot chatwoot-web.1[164888]: I, [2022-06-06T18:06:07.846443 #164888] INFO -- : [37ec6d64-e3cb-45ed-9aa6-75d658d67759] [ActiveJob] Enqueued EventDispatcherJob (Job ID: 162a30ef-9401-447d-8e3b-3ff3109086dc) to Sidekiq(events) with arguments: "agent.added", Mon, 06 Jun 2022 18:06:07.843575648 UTC +00:00, {:account=>#>}

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Thu, 09 Jun 2022 13:33:06 UTC

you will need to look into the worker logs or your sidekiq dashboard. you should be able to see errors of there any. usually it be config errors like <@4K2760> suggested.