Sending Attachment Message Troubles in Chatwoot via WhatsApp

TLDR flix7055 is having a problem sending an image attachment in Chatwoot via WhatsApp. sojan_official asked for further information about their current configuration.

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Dec 15, 2022 (12 months ago)
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06:12 AM
Hi,  everyone .I met one trouble when i send attachment message by whatsapp in chatwoot . i want to send image ,but server log was NameError: uninitialized constant ActiveStorage::Analyzer::ImageAnalyzer::MiniMagick , and then i add gem 'mini_magick' in Gemfile ,but then another error comes : ActiveStorage::FileNotFoundError: ActiveStorage::FileNotFoundError.

What can i do to fix this problem ?
Dec 21, 2022 (12 months ago)
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03:24 PM
Are you using docker? also, do you have any storage provider configured?