Proposal for KANBAN-style Conversation Manager with Triggers

TLDR hermes.macedo suggests a KANBAN-style conversation manager with triggers, helpful for tracking customer service stages, and asks about potential development costs. Needle acknowledges the thread creation.

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Jul 26, 2023 (4 months ago)
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07:18 PM
KANBAN-style Conversation Manager with triggers from each Kanban stage along with Bookmarks/Tags

Describe the solution you'd like
KANBAN-style Conversation Manager with triggers from each Kanban phase along with Markers/Tags.

To facilitate the use and administration of each conversation, the kanban style gives a view of each stage and how many leads are in each stage. Or what stage of the customer service journey the customer is in.

The function of triggers for each step (marked or tags) in the Kanban style would facilitate usability by lay users and thus gain more adherence to the tool.

Triggers can be integrations with webhook, email, sms, bot, phase/tag/status change;

How much would it cost developers to put this on the roadmap?
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Any freelancers? <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
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07:18 PM
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