Issues with Sending New Emails on Chatwoot

TLDR yair complained about the difficulties of sending new emails with attachments and adding CC on Chatwoot. sojan_official acknowledged these issues and provided relevant issue tracking links.

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May 26, 2022 (19 months ago)
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10:59 AM
There is something a little uncomfortable about the experience of sending a new email from chatwoot.
If I now want to send the a new email, I can not add a file - that means I need to send an email and then send another one with a file attachment.

Another thing, not really convenient to add CC - the CC input is not auto complete, so it is impossible to write manual emails all the time.
Because of these little things, it's hard to work with.
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01:41 PM
Thanks for the feedback yair. we have this two issues tracking the same


adding attachments in outbound conversations is something we are working on . we will look into the email auto complete