Issues with Self-Installed Chatwoot Domain's SMTP Configuration

TLDR einlight encounters SMTP issues, unable to send emails. Follows guide, still not successful. sojan_official suggests checking sidekiq for errors.

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Fri, 30 Dec 2022 19:18:05 UTC

Hi all, i have self installed chatwoot in my domain, but encountered SMTP issue not delivered to my domain email using sendgrid, i have configure .env with port 587, TLS sendgrid SMTP server and my domain host then installed postfix as the guide, but still the confirmation email can't be delivered... i had this issue for 3 weeks now and scratching my head about which log to be checked again (as you see there is no detailed indication either in sidekiq log or web log regarding smtp detail...) , a bit of the detailed things that i have done : - i already make sure sendgrip apikey work properly using SMTP test tools - install postfix with internet and point it to the exact chatwoot front end domain : MAILER_SENDER_EMAIL=chatwoot SMTP_PORT=587 SMTP_USERNAME=apikey STMP_PASSWORD =Xxxxxxx SMTP_AUTHENTICATION=plain SMTP_ENABLE_STARTTLS_AUTO=true RAILS_INBOUND_EMAIL_SERVICE=sendgrid RAILS_INBOUND_EMAIL_PASSWORD=xxxxxxx additional info: other than that .env value as default fresh install my chatwoot server self hosted at google Thanks before 🙏

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Wed, 04 Jan 2023 11:35:59 UTC

Could you check if you have any errors in sidekiq for the emails ? ref: