Heroku App Crashes After Update Attempt

TLDR timdid updated their Chatwoot Heroku app causing continuous crashing. pranavrajs has asked for more details to provide help.

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Apr 27, 2022 (20 months ago)
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09:16 AM
Hello guys, I have a huge issue. I just tried to update my chatwoot heroku app from v1.13 to v2.x and it didn't work at all so I tried to rollback my heroku application to last working state and now app is continuously crashing. I made a big mistake because it is my prod env and my clients cannot use my chat widget (used as chatbot) anymore. Could you help me to find the error in logs please ? 😨
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03:47 PM
timdid I've replied on the other, let us know more details. Happy to help.