Configuring Self-Hosted SMTP Server in Chatwoot

TLDR jayhsu5202 is facing difficulty in configuring a self-hosted SMTP server environment while using Chatwoot. sojan_official provided a reference link to debug SMTP email errors.

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Thu, 20 Jul 2023 15:37:28 UTC

Not this, it's about configuring a self-hosted SMTP server environment. I've tried many parameters, but still unable to send. # The email from which all outgoing emails are sent # could user either `[email protected]` or `BrandName ` MAILER_SENDER_EMAIL=Chatwoot #SMTP domain key is set up for HELO checking # Set the value to "mailhog" if using docker-compose for development environments, # Set the value as "localhost" or your SMTP address in other environments # If SMTP_ADDRESS is empty, Chatwoot would try to use sendmail(postfix) SMTP_PORT=465 [email protected] SMTP_PASSWORD=PWD # plain,login,cram_md5 SMTP_AUTHENTICATION=plain SMTP_ENABLE_STARTTLS_AUTO=true # Can be: 'none', 'peer', 'client_once', 'fail_if_no_peer_cert', see SMTP_OPENSSL_VERIFY_MODE=peer # Comment out the following environment variables if required by your SMTP server SMTP_TLS=true SMTP_SSL=true I tried to adjust the tls ssl but still can’t send, the mailbox server is cpanel, and the mailbox is also normal

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Tue, 25 Jul 2023 11:06:00 UTC